Doo.Ri Fall 2010 Runway Beauty

2010 Fall New York Fashion Week: Doo.Ri

"Usually, people go for rock, romantic, or hippie," makeup artist said of Doo.Ri Chung's design philosophy. "But she's making everything for the modern girl today." The same could be said for Pecheux, who led a team of MAC artists in creating a sparkling, colorful runway look. Inspired by Chung's beaded collection, the makeup featured light contouring and no mascara. But the focal point was a matte red lip coated with glitter. ("It's green and blue, thanks to Avatar," he revealed.) To complement the look, manicurist Jin Soon Choi tweaked the current cement-colored nail polish trend by adding shimmer; the result, she said, was "chic, modern, and sophisticated."

The same could be said of the hair, which featured face-framing fishtail braids on each side of the head. The look was loose — realistic. "I look at the clothes and do a hairstyle that a woman would actually do," said lead stylist Orlando Pita. "If she did the braids herself, they'd be looser." To get the look, he sprayed hair with his Elevate volumizer, then straightened it with a T3 450 iron. Two fishtail braids (learn how here) and a ponytail elastic later, the models were runway ready.

Source: Getty