Each Month, a New Soapy Scent Pops Up

What do you get when you take a former drag queen and a doctor to a 200-year-old farm? Beekman 1802, a concept that aims to get people connecting with old-timey pleasures such as cooking, gardening, and crafting. Writer Josh Kilmer-Purcell and physician Brent Ridge (a former VP at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) live on a farm estate in upstate New York, where — among other things —  they have a line of handmade soaps ($12.50/set of two) made with milk from the farm's freely grazing goats. The soapmaking process avoids using harsh chemicals, and each bar is scented with essential oils. Nice. What I love about this concept, though, is that there's a different scent for each month. Each bar incorporates scents found on the Beekman 1802 estate — think fresh grass for March, apples and firewood for October. Such a cute idea for gift-giving, and an affordable luxury for those of us who miss a whiff of country air now and then.