britney spears believe
Most of you said you're tired of celebrity fragrances, and, well, I'm feeling overwhelmed by them, too. While some, like Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker, are created with a lot of input from the star in question, others seem to be patched together with little or no input. I could be way off-base here, but I have a feeling Britney's new fragrance, Believe, falls into the latter category. Considering her odd behavior this year, I find it hard to, er, believe, that she's had the time to be deeply involved in Believe's development.

Still, the scent is expected to do at least $10 million in US sales during its first year, and WWD reports on its fragrant notes:

The scent, by International Flavors and Fragrances, has top notes of guava pulp and golden tangerine; a heart of honeysuckle and linden blossom, and a drydown of patchouli aura, sensual amber and pink pralines.

WWD says that Believe is "arguably the most sophisticated" of Britney's fragrances, but those notes sound pretty sugary and young to me. And the packaging, while more grown-up than the looks of Curious and Fantasy, is still more girly than womanly. Believe ($38–$58) launches in October, but if you pre-order online, yours will ship earlier.