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Frédéric Fekkai Is Finally Asked About Those Prices

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at an event with Frédéric Fekkai and magazine editor Kate Betts. Fortunately for us, Fashion Week Daily buzzed around last week's "Frédéric Fekkai: L'Art de la Coiffure" event.

I love Fekkai, but I can't say I love the high-priced hairstyle trend he helped kick off. That's why I love this little tidbit:

Betts was quick to comment on the price of Fekkai's products as well as his services, noting that he was "very innovative in marketing" and that he was "the first person to charge $200 for a haircut, which is not expensive now but was astronomical then." Fekkai responded, justifying the price. "We are not offering just services," he countered. "The customer feels that we have their interest at heart. I create products that are very efficient." He cited the huge success of his Overnight Hair Repair (price: $195) as evidence that people are willing to spend money on quality hair products. "Is it a French phenomenon that you raise the price of everything?" Betts asked in jest.

Are we sure it was in jest? Monsieur Fekkai is as talented as he is charming, but thanks to him, lots of city girls now spend $100 for a haircut. (Last year, I walked into the salon, looked at the pricelist, and slunk out feeling cheap.) Would you have had the guts to ask him about his high prices, even in a friendly way?



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