Fragrance Review: Anna Sui Flight of Fancy

Just a few short months ago, Anna Sui launched a new, fresh, floral and ultra feminine fragrance called Flight of Fancy. Since I like the packaging, I was hoping to love the scent. Unfortunately, I found it to be slightly too sweet for my taste. It combines notes of litchi, yuzu, lemon, star magnolia, rose, freesia, amber crystals, musk and white woods. The result: a flowery, candyish, overly sugary scent that gave me a headache.

Also, I thought it was kind of interesting that it smells a lot like her Secret Wish fragrance. Since the perfumes were displayed right next to each other at the counter at the department store, I tested them all out. The woman behind the counter shrugged when I asked her what the main differences were, which was a bit odd.

Even though the scent is too sweet for me, I really love the ad that goes along with Flight of Fancy. The fragrance was inspired by Anna's favorite bird, the peacock. So not only is the top of the colorful bottle shaped like a plume, but model Jessica Stam wears a decadent peacock hat with all kinds of plumes, net and feathers on it. I love the colors and the way she looks so girly.

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy is available in a 6.7 oz shower gel ($38), a 6.7 oz body lotion ($42), and in three various eau de toilette sizes ($45–$72). For those of you looking for something super sweet, it might be up your alley.

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