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Fragrance Review: Hilary Duff Wrapped With Love

Hilary Duff is getting ready to release her second fragrance called Wrapped With Love. This scent is a sequel to her first one, With Love, and it's much more playful and light as opposed to spicy and oriental.

The bottle also looks a lot like the With Love bottle, but it is a bright and fun pink color decorated with spring flowers. Inside Wrapped With Love you'll find hints of honeydew, mandarin, blood orange, plum, violet, white lily, mangosteen, raspberry, vanilla bean, musk and white chocolate mousse.


Wrapped witth Love bottle and carton

I honestly expected this fragrance to be too junior for me, but the scent is really nice. Typically when you describe something as fruity, you think of the citrus family, but this happens to smell more like a sugary melon medley. I recommend it for daytime and for spring/summer. Wrapped With Love will be available in a 1.7 oz eau de parfum spray ($38) within the next couple of weeks, and shortly following its release you can expect to see a Valentine's Day gift set that includes the same size fragrance as well as a cutesy tank top ($38). If you can put aside the celebrity aspect of the scent and focus only on how it smells, I think you might be pleasantly surprised.


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