Gareth Pugh Spring 2014 Hair and Makeup | Runway Pictures

What Do You Get When You Mix Marcel Waves With Brow Plates?

Gareth Pugh Spring 2014

Marcel waves, turquoise polish and . . . brow plates? All three of these aspects were present at Gareth Pugh's Spring 2014 show. Drawing heavily from the collection Lady Gaga will drool over, the hair and makeup seemed to be stuck with one foot in the past and one foot in the way, way future. Hair was Marcel-waved on top and then slicked into two asymmetrical victory rolls; one sweeping across the back of the head and the other pulling up the side.

The makeup look was completely bare — save for the massive eye plates that extended from the models' brow bones up to their hair lines in varying colors. To ground the otherwise out-of-this-world look, nails were painted a tantalizing shade of turquoise. Let's just say Paris Fashion Week is already off to a breathtaking start in the beauty world.


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