Guess the Perfume's Tag Line

Guess the Perfume's Pithy Pitch

It seems like every perfume has to have a tag line designed to convey its "message," whether it's Liz Taylor saying "Here, these have always brought be good luck" in her infamous White Diamonds commercial, or Gwyneth Paltrow smooching a puppy under a banner that says "I live for moments like this" in magazine ads for Estée Lauder Pleasures. Tag lines range from the memorable to the memorably ridiculous, but they play a substantial role in the marketing of a fragrance. How good are you at matching the right line to the right scent? Take my quiz and see how accurately the tag lines describe these following perfumes.

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Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega
The fragrance larger than life
I am the alpha and the eau mega
Live beautifully; live large
Eau no!
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Estée Lauder Beautiful
You are a thing of beauty
Beauty is in the nose of the beholder
Find yourself beautiful
This is your moment to be beautiful
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Guerlain Insolence
He loved her for her insolence
Whoever loves me will follow
Always beautiful, always insolent
Insolence is bliss
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J Lo Deseo
Let desire lead you
The heart wants what it wants
May all your desires come true
Desire everything
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Kat Von D Saint & Sinner
Twice as sexy
A little of both
Every woman has two sides
Double your pleasure, double your fun
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