I'm hearing a lot of buzz about people going as Amy Winehouse this Halloween, which is a great idea—her look is unmistakable, and it's over-the-top fun. So when makeup artist Yvette Beebe offered to show me how to recreate her hair and makeup, I jumped at the chance to share the steps with you. Yvette has her own cosmetics line, and she really knows how to get a rocker-girl look down pat—not surprising, since she went on tour with Pink to give her that cool-girl look. (Be sure to check out my Q&A with Yvette next week.)

The best thing about this costume idea is that it's easy. As Yvette told me, the goal isn't to look precise and perfect; it's to look a little down-and-dirty, just the way Amy does on stage. For a gallery of really fun photos and Yvette's instructions, just read more

Face: Yvette started by evening out our model's skin with yb naked foundation stick. To create a gaunt-looking face, she contoured cheeks with yb pale bronzer.

Eye basics: Yvette started by lining the inner eyelids with black eyeliner. She then brushed the eyelids from lashes to brow with a barely-there, shimmery shade of pink. (She used yb shady in Pearly Jam.) She darkened the eyebrows by dipping a brush in yb shady powder in Elton Brown, then exaggerating the brows' width and thickness. Follow with a coat or two of black mascara.

Eyeliner : This is the hallmark of Amy's look. Yvette used yb crooked eyeliner in Raven. Here's the trick. The "point" of the liner should start at the outer edges of eyebrows. Starting there, draw down to the lashline, using your iris as the end point. Fill in the exaggerated cat-eye shape by moving down toward your eyelids (as opposed to starting near the lid and drawing upward.)

Lips : Amy's lips are almost always pale, so Yvette used a nearly nude gloss called yb lippy in Shy.

Hair: Yvette used two wigs to recreate Amy's signature hairdo. The first was a simple black wig. For the beehive, she covered a Marie Antoinette wig with black spray paint, then secured it to the other wig with bobby pins. (For another option, check out this video.)

The rest: Fake and temporary all the way! We went with a rocker-girl outfit for Amy, but jeans and a white tank top will work, too. After all, Amy's signature look is all about the hair and makeup.