Heidi Klum Makeup Collection for Victoria's Secret

You Can Look Like Heidi Klum! (Well, Kind Of.)

OK, so we can't all be a fabulous supermodel with a cute family and fat paycheck. But at least we can steal tidbits of Heidi Klum's style. She's just released her second signature makeup collection with Victoria's Secret, and it's more or less a seasonless, classic look. Her first makeup collection also had neutrals, but this time she's adding a touch of green.

Heidi designed the five-piece collection ($10–$22) with makeup artist Linda Hay, and the lipstick/lip gloss combo makes for one of those great, versatile color combinations. Combined with
Heidi's beauty secrets, you'll be well on your way to living like a supermodel — at least when it comes to filling your makeup bag.