The Hills Hair and Makeup Quiz 2008-12-23 12:01:33

The Hills Beauty Quiz: Episode 20, "I Heidi Take Thee Spencer..."

On last night's season finale of The Hills, there were lots of surprises (and tears) all around. Heidi's mom, disappointed in her daughter's impromptu elopement, begged the couple not to make it official at the courthouse. In the end, Spencer did the right thing — would you ever have imagined? In the meantime, Audrina and Justin took their relationship to another level, and Heidi and Lauren finally had a heart-to-heart. Could this be the beginning of a rekindled friendship?
So, how closely were you paying attention to the beauty details of this episode? Take my quiz to find out and make sure you get the lowdown on the fashion from last night's episode on CelebStyle.

Photo courtesy of MTV