Hollywood Celebrities Who Wear Indian Looks

Bollywood Bound: 15 Celebrities Who've Worn Indian Looks

Hollywood Celebrities Who Wear Indian Looks

Hollywood and Bollywood have had a longstanding, if sometimes fraught, love affair, and there's a rich history of inspiration and exchange between the two film production powerhouses. So it makes sense that celebrities on this side of the Pacific would want to emulate the lavish looks from Subcontinental cinema, as well as Indian culture, more widely. They sometimes don't get it right, though (got a wedding? No? Then why the maang tikka?), or ape essentializing stereotypes, and therein lies the issue. What do you think of celebrities wearing bindis, jewelry, and other Indian stylistic elements? Is it harmless homage, ignorant appropriation, or something else entirely? Take a look and decide for yourself.

Source: WireImage

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