How-To: Alicia Keys's High-Performing Braid at the AMAs

How-To: Alicia Keys's High-Performing Braid at the AMAs

Since most of you weren't fans of Alicia Keys's red carpet accessories, what did you think about her performance hair later that night? Personally, I've gotta give the gal credit for always switching it up and testing out new styles. The trio featuring this songstress (alongside Queen Latifah and Kathleen Battle) was one of my favorite medleys of the night, and Alicia's slick braid stood out, too.

This look's fairly easy to re-create so grab a comb and three rubber bands, then get the instructions for yourself (or a willing pal) when you read more.

  1. The trick to the sleek style is to first carefully part your hair into three sections and tightly pull the two side pieces out of the way with two rubber bands.

  2. French-braid only the center section of your hair, stopping in the middle of the back of your head to secure with a rubber band. (Since the sides are out of the way, this assures you can get even parts.)
  3. Remove the rubber bands from the side sections and pull all three together with one hair tie where the French braid ended.
  4. Continue to braid the remaining ponytail and fasten with a rubber band.

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