How to Create an Ombré Manicure

Try This: A Quick and Easy Ombré Manicure

Spice up an ordinary manicure by creating an ombré look! It's eye-catching and on-trend, and the best part is that anyone can do it easily. See how simple it is with our step-by-step tutorial. (Mixing and matching polishes is highly encouraged.)

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If you're looking for an easy way to update your manicure, try Ombré Nails. They give the nails a stylish look with little effort, and they're super easy to do at home. To get this look, you're gonna need a few items. Start with 2 polishes. Like this hunter green, and navy because they're on the same side of the color wheel. Or you can look colors in the same color family, like red and pink. The key to this look is a makeup sponge, so have two on hand in case you mess one up. And while the look is really simple, it can get kind of messy, so have polish remover and Q-tips close by. To start, apply the first color shade to your nail. It doesn't matter if you use the lighter color or the darker shade first, in fact I'm actually gonna mix it up and use navy on my left and hunter green on my right. Next, we're gonna paint the makeup sponge with a polish. And you wanna do it on the longer end. Also, you don't want to put to much polish on sponge. So what you're gonna do is actually paint it with your polish brush and give it a few strokes at the end. If you need more, you can add more color as you go. Now, it's time to get artistic. Softly dab the end of the makeup sponge on the end of your nail, you don't wanna wipe or press too hard because it's easier to add more color than to take it away. Also, don't let the color go past the middle of the nail, but it doesn't have to be perfect. You wanna give it a spray painted effect, so add more color towards the end of your nail to achieve that look. You're probably get polish on your fingertips and somewhere on your hand. So make sure you used a Q-tip and polish remover to remove any evidence for a clean manicure. This is a fashion forward manicure that also has a great texture. Try mixing and matching different colors for an original style every time. I'm Kirbie and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.