Is Ciara's Pregnancy the Secret to Her Lustrous Locks?

Jan 14 2014 - 11:40am

It may look like Ciara rolled out of bed with those perfect waves, but chances are it took a little bit of work to make carefree look so good. And the fact that it was just announced that she's pregnant [1] (major congrats!) may be the secret to her shiny strands.

The singer wore this casual style at the Calvin Klein [2] Collection afterparty during Milan Men's Fashion Week this weekend. These waves are easy to re-create at home, but you'll need a curling iron at the very least. We recommend using a big-barrel iron (between one and two inches) to get a similar wave pattern. Wrap a one-inch section of hair around the iron, leaving the ends straight. When you come to the next section, wrap hair in the opposite direction. Finger-comb hair, and finish with hair spray. While this style will look amazing immediately after it's done, you'll have to party for a few hours to really get Ciara's lived-in look.

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