17 Real Girls Show Off Their Chic, Organized Beauty Vanities

Aug 22 2014 - 4:30am

Every woman has dreamed of that luxury bathroom decked out with claw-foot tub, his-and-hers sinks, and a Broadway-worthy vanity. You'll have to take the first two up with your contractor, but when it comes to beauty battlestations, we've got you covered. These real-girl vanities from the Reddit Makeup Addiction [1] thread deserve their own HGTV show. They're that good! So we've created a decorating checklist following their example. Disclaimer: should your significant other complain about the square footage your new-and-improved beauty product occupies, we are not responsible.

Source: Paramount Pictures [2]

Trays of assorted sizes and colors

Drawers with dividers

A chic mat for powdery messes

Palettes arranged like novels

Hanging baskets for hair tools

Magazines and flowers (to class up the joint)

A clear jar packed with cotton balls and Q-tips

Floating shelves

Racks on racks of nail polish

Beauty-themed artwork

A clock (because you spend way too much time on makeup already)

Lots of light (natural or lightbulbs)

Multiple mirrors

A toolbox with extra storage for the everyday essentials


Mason jars for your brushes

A CosmoCube

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