Jill Stuart Fall 2014 Hair and Makeup | Runway Pictures

You Can Actually Get Jill Stuart's Rock-Glam Look

Jill Stuart Fall 2014

What happens when a rock 'n' roll wild child reforms into an It girl? She walks down the runway at Jill Stuart's Fall 2014 show. Everything from the makeup to the nails personified a bad girl who had turned good. Lead hairstylist James Pecis for Beauty.com wanted to create an untamable hairstyle. After blowing the hair dry, he parted it down the center before curling it with T3's BodyWaver Large Barrel Styling Iron ($149). "They look like oversized light sabers," Pecis said. After curling, he brushed the hair our with his fingers.

Makeup also had a DIY aspect to it, and the look focused on a glossy smoky eye. But instead of the typical black, Aaron de Mey, lead makeup artist for Maybelline, layered on Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smoky Eye ($7) in violet, navy, and emerald. To give the eyes dimension, he then dabbed on Baby Lips ($4). "It's supposed to look like she did it herself," de Mey said.

And while the hair and makeup were more grungy, the nails wanted to reference the girls' reformation. Essie lead manicurist Rita Remark created an updated nude nail, starting with Essie's Ridge Filling Base Coat ($9) to smooth things out. She then applied two coats of Essie Allure ($9) and finished with a matte top coat. The overall aesthetic was made for a rocker girl with a chic edge and is completely accessible and easy to do at home.