Julie Haus Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show Beauty Review

Julie Haus Is in the House

Being a "Haus frau" is a very good thing. Just ask Leighton Meester and Molly Sims, who showed up for Julie Haus's first-ever New York runway show. The intimate affair featured bright colors, bold prints, and a few cute dresses that I wouldn't mind wearing in the hot sun right now.

The hair and makeup were fresh and fun, with a hint of rebellious streak thrown in for good measure. "It's a little messy, yet kind of neat," said Dwight O'Neal, who created the makeup look for The Balm. "It's the everyday woman doing her makeup. We didn't want anything too dramatic or too perfect." Check out the lips to see what he means; to get the look, O'Neal's team dabbed Prom Queen Stainiac on the center of the lips, then filled in the remainder of the lips with Plump Your Pucker gloss in Cocoa My Coconut. Instead of using a brush to spread the color, makeup artists used their fingers — easy!

To find out how to recreate this hairstyle at home with some tips from Oscar Blandi, read more.

Lead stylist Oscar Blandi worked with Haus to create a beautifully natural look for the models. "The whole idea is that the girl has her hair done, goes out and has a good time, and it’s the day after," he explained. To get this look, he sprayed Protein Mist on wet hair. After applying a volumizer to the roots, he then covered the ends of hair with Acqua Marina to provide hold. After a quick blow-dry with a diffuser, he curled the hair, directing each piece a different way.

Here's my favorite part of the look: Oscar and his team made small, thin braids (you can see them in the close-up shot above) and wrapped the irons around them to create more texture. A little teasing at the ends and you're good to go.