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Just for Redheads Dream Eye Flavors

Product Review: Just For Redheads Dream Eye Flavors

Just for Redheads is celebrating its 15-year anniversary with the launch of three creamy Dream Eye Shadow Flavors ($30). The formula is a smooth, blendable, and layerable so that you can wear them alone, together, or over a powder shadow for more depth (my personal favorite way to wear cream shadows)

I've been playing around with different looks using the Souffle color, and wow, am I impressed. It is a shimmery, taupey neutral-brown that works like a chameleon depending on what clothing and eyeliner I am wearing. In one light it looks like wet brown sand and in another I see shades of purples and pinks.

These must-have metallic shadows are a great way to create a beautiful and easy Spring look. Did I also mention that the shadows are waterproof and crease-less? If only there were a few more shades to choose from.





For details about the other two colors, read more.

  • Lemon Grass is a toasted olivey-khaki shade that can also be used as an eyeliner.
  • Lame D'Or is a shimmery, pale-golden shade.


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