Kate Middleton's Top 10 Un-Princess-y Beauty Moments

May 3 2014 - 8:00am

Kate Middleton may be a duchess and a celebrity in her own right, but that doesn't mean her life is totally perfect — and in fact, it's her relatability that makes her so darn likable. After combing through endless photos of the royal belle [1] since she stepped into the spotlight, we've realized that, yeah, she makes minor faux pas [2], too. And we're totally OK with that. She's been snapped twirling and tugging her gorgeous strands on multiple occasions (William has it so easy with his comb-over). Other times the weather — or Prince George — has sabotaged her iconic blowouts. All in all, we're comforted by the fact that even Kate has un-princess-y hair moments. Makes us feel a little better about skipping that shampoo . . . for the second day . . . this morning. Scroll through to see more images of Kate!

Smells Good

Even Prince George can't deny the allure of Kate's amazing blowout, but he recently went in for a nibble during the royal tour [3].

Balancing Bangs

Juggling being a mom and a princess is never easy. On this particular occasion, Kate had to tame her flyaway bangs, deboard a plane (in heels), and keep the heir to the throne in line. Multitasking never looked so good!

All in the Ends

Kate obviously has a strategy for keeping her ends frizz-free.

Hair Help

Future king or future hairstylist . . . only time will tell.

Pigtails, Perhaps?

It must have been hot in the outback! Kate was snapped giving her neck a breather during the recent royal tour of Australia.

The Mommy Ponytail

Just a few months after Prince George was born, Kate set out on the red carpet for the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom film. For the first time, she went with a no-fuss ponytail rather than perfectly coiffed curls.

Au Naturel

In her first spotting after Prince George's birth, Kate left the hairdresser behind with this naturally curly [4] and tousled look.

Twirling and Twirling

During the Remembrance Sunday service in 2013, Kate gave her strands a girlish twirl [5].

The Worst Weather

Did someone cue the wind machine?

Hair Handler

Back in 2011, Kate couldn't quite decide what to do with her hands, hence the hair pulling.

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