Kathy Hilton's My Secret Perfume

Extra Extra! Kathy Hilton Has a Secret Fragrance

Whoa. I've just learned that Kathy Hilton — yes, Paris and Nicky's mom — has launched a fragrance called My Secret. Ahh, and apparently the buzz before the launch, as well as the big event, have also been kept secret. The fragrance was inspired by Kathy's world travels and is made from a blend of freesia, peony, rose, jasmine, mandarin, apricot leaf, vanilla musk, sandalwood, and amber.

All I have to say is, puh-lease! Any serious nose would have carefully planned out a press event or at least would have wanted a proper celebration marking her first entrepreneurial endeavor. Seems to me like Kathy's riding the tails of Paris who just recently talked about her five fragrances on David Letterman this past Friday.

My Secret is available as an eau de toilette ($52 to $68), a body lotion ($32), and a body gel ($28). The 3.4-oz heart-shaped tinted lavender bottle is currently being sold with Kathy's signature on the front for a limited time, and the body lotion and gels come in a pale pink tube with a gold monogram that resembles an aristocratic family crest.

I haven't tried it yet, but rushing out for a whiff is about as low on my list as getting a root canal. Are any of you even remotely curious about smelling My Secret?

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