Kiehl's Launches Abyssine+ Skincare Collection

Kiehl's Launches Abyssine+ Skincare Collection

Kiehl's has just come out with a line of skincare products called Abyssine+. If this sounds familiar to you, it's because it should! There is an already existing line of light wrinkle creams called Abyssine that has been revamped as Abyssine +, with a new ingredient containing antioxidants and anti-aging properties. There are five products in the collection, including a serum, an eye cream, day creams (with and without SPF 23), and a lighter daytime lotion (with SPF 15).


Abyssine+SPF23Hi Res


Abyssine serum_rt

Abyssine Lotion_SPF15_rt

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  • Abyssine Cream+ SPF 23 ($45) is a wrinkle-fighting cream fortified with UVA and UVB defenses. Not only does it work against new wrinkles forming, it also helps smooth out already existing fine lines.
  • Abyssine Cream+ ($42) is an anti-aging moisturizer that also diminishes surface wrinkles, but this formula also contains antioxidants to help skin defend itself from free radical damage.
  • Abyssine Lotion+ SPF 15 ($42) is a lightweight and natural moisturizing lotion that also contains antioxidants as well as SPF. This is a terrific product for those who don't like to use a lot of different and especially heavy products on their skin.
  • Abyssine Serum+ ($44) is a facial serum that penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin to help reduce the visible signs of aging. It contains antioxidants to fight free radical damage and leaves skin looking even and radiant.
  • Abyssine Eye Cream+ ($32) is a really gentle yet thick cream that keeps skin taut and nourished as a means of reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the orbital area. It also contains antioxidants and leaves a fresh and smooth dew on the skin, which I really love.

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