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Laura Mercier Reformulates Her Famous Lip Glace

One of my favorite lip glosses is Violet Glace by Laura Mercier. It's incredibly shiny, thick but not sticky, and I find that it stays on longer than most glosses. It also looks great over just about any pink or purple shade of lipstick. When I first heard that she was going to be discontinuing this long-time formula and updating it with lip-plumping ingredient Maxi Lip, I panicked. Not only am I not a huge fan of prickly plumping glosses, but the packaging has changed too, and I like my slender gloss just the way it is. (You can probably tell, I'm not really one who favors change.)

Luckily I had the chance to test out a few samples of the new product, and that calmed my fears. To my relief, they are just as smooth, just as shiny and they have the same texture. Only now, they're infused with a sweet marshmallow scent (don't worry, it's just a slight fragrance). Also, the Maxi Lip only tingles for a second or two and then it completely dissipates.

The amount of product inside each tube has been plumped up, too. The original version contains 0.13 ounces, and the new one contains 0.159 ounces—which is great considering the price jump from $20 to $22. The glosses will be available in three finishes (shimmer, shine and sheen), three coverages (sheer, medium and full) and 14 colors this April.




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