Laurel Roth Peacocks Exhibition Pictures

Fake Nails of a Feather Flock Together

Never let anyone tell you that cosmetics aren't a legit artistic medium. If they press the point, just introduce them to the work of artist Laurel Roth. She's known for her clever, allusive use of nontraditional materials, and her pieces are beautiful as well as thought-provoking.

For her exhibition Peacocks, she's crafted some fine fowl out of fake nails, false eyelashes, nail polish, and barrettes. The peacocks, in Laurel's own words "borrow human mating plumage . . . to represent the choices involved in biological processes that are unique to humankind." It's a clever and entertaining play on the mate-alluring displays we all engage in, and the birds are stunning. Click through the gallery below to see them up close: