Libertâge Is a Very Relaxing Wrinkle Cream

You know the lines that form between the eyebrows? They're called the Elevens, and they form over time because you make expressions. (A fancy Manhattan dermatologist once told me to ward off wrinkles by avoiding making any facial expressions, but a life without smiling or frowning is not a life I want to live.) Lately, I've noticed that my brow muscles are contracting as I go to bed, and this has me paranoid that one day I will wake up with the mother of all Elevens.

So it was with great hope that I recently tried Libertâge ($44), a duo of lotions meant to target expression lines. They do this by restricting your muscles' movement—like Botox, but without the needle. I gave the night lotion a whirl, and whaddya know, I actually felt my forehead relax that night as I was drifting off to sleep. It doesn't hurt, and it doesn't give you that freaky frozen-faced look; it just keeps you from involuntarily squinting, which keeps your face from turning it up to 11.