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Lipstick Queen Shine Hard Core Gloss

New Product Alert: Lipstick Queen Shine Hard Core Gloss

Ladies, take your bodyguards along for protection when you wear your new Shine Hard Core Gloss ($22) from Lipstick Queen. Creator Poppy King knew exactly what kind of trouble she was causing for us when she re-launched this 1970's disco-inspired product. Think of Paris Hilton's gleaming pout and then multiply it ten-fold.

There's nothing subtle whatsoever about this thick, tacky, sticky, goopy, gooey gloss. The closest analogy I can think of is how honey keeps lingering until you use your finger to stop the drip. This has a similar consistency, only honey smells sweet. Shine Hard Core Gloss has an old-school thing going on instead; it's odorless, so you really are just smelling the actual ingredients. All of this being said, I love this product. It's fun, it's daring — and it's best worn on a day with no wind! If you're looking for a wet-looking, extreme shine kind of gloss, this pot's for you!




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For a description of each of the six available saint and sinner color options, read more.

  • Silver Saint is a clear gloss with flecks of shimmery silver.
  • Gold Saint is a clear gloss with traces of gold glitter.
  • Opal Saint is a pale berry infused with iridescent shimmer.
  • Clear Sinner is a translucent gloss that can be worn alone or over any lipstick.
  • Wine Sinner is an ultra-shiny plum gloss.
  • Red Sinner (shown) is a true cherry red gloss.

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