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Lisa Hoffman Variations Fragrance Collection

Lisa Hoffman has recently released her new line of fragrances called Variations, and these aren't your average "spray once in the morning" kind of scents. Each of the three types (Clary Sage, Tunisian Neroli and Tuscan Fig) come with four roll-on oil vials that vary in strength to be used at different times throughout the day. The concept stems from the idea that not all fragrances are suitable for both daytime and evening. Having four different versions of the same scent gives you the opportunity to smell equally lovely before bed and in the afternoon.

The Morning variant is light subtle, the Daytime variant is rich, the Evening variant is deep and sensual, and the Bedtime variant is powdery and gentle. The fragrances come packaged in a leather pouch and sell as a set for $150.





To learn about each of the three scents in the collection, read more

  • Tuscan Fig (orange) is made from a blend of fig, amber, woods, jasmine, honeysuckle, osmanthis, vanilla, gardenia, Tahitian tiare flower, Tuscan fig and sensual musks.
  • Tunisian Neroli (red) combines ylang ylang, golden amber, lemon, buchu leaf, and Tunisian neroli.
  • French Clary Sage (green) is light, fresh, clean scent created from linen accords, Sicilian bergamot and French clary sage.

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