Lorick Spring Summer 2009 Fashion Week Presentation Beauty Review

Lorick Springs for Multiple Personalities

Fashion Week officially kicks off today, but a few early-bird shows have me excited for what's to come. First up: Lorick, the seen-on-Gossip-Girl collection by model-turned-designer Abigail Lorick. For such a young line, it's certainly going to turn some heads. The presentation's set designs and clothing were amazing; models lounged among fallen chandeliers and fuzzed-out television screens, flaccid cakes, and an "After the Storm" setup with wind-whipped flora. (Considering Hurricane Gustav, however, this one had unfortunate and awkward timing.)

The hair and makeup was just as diverse, natch. Each scene featured different hairstyles, ranging from prim French Twists to tornado-stirred nests of hair. (And those accessories? So flapper-chic.) The makeup was intense, with some models wearing shimmering smoky purples and moody silvery grays and others sporting lipstick the color of frostbite.

To see a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos, read more.

In a perverse way, I wish there were something to grouse about, so I could pull out a high-larious Shakespearian "Alas, poor Lorick!" joke for all you fellow literature nerds out there. But really, this presentation was inspiring. It's set the bar quite high for the week — and we're only starting.