Molly Sims's Makeup for Fashion Rocks 2008

How-To: Molly Sims's Fashion Rocks Makeup

At last week's Fashion Rocks event, Cami Vaught, The Balm makeup artist, created a luminous, sun-kissed look for model/actress Molly Sims. "The overall effect was natural, but sexy; dramatic, but not overdone — perfect to go with the gorgeous Donna Karan that she wore," said Vaught.

I'm sure you'll agree that Sims looked fabulous. For a complete how-to on achieving this look right from the makeup artist herself, read more.

  • Face — For foundation, Vaught used Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer ($24) with a light dusting of Sexy Mama Translucent Powder ($18) to set. For under the eyes and as an eyeshadow primer, she applied Time Balm Concealer ($17).
  • Eyeliner and Mascara — For drama, Vaught lined Sim's eyes with a black, water-resistant eyeliner called Pick-Up Liner in Romeo ($18) underneath the upper lashline to make them stand out. The look was intensified with several coats of Two Timer ($19) mascara.
  • Eyeshadow — "I used a mix of bronzes, browns, and golds to create a sexy, understated take on a 'smoky eye'," said Vaught. A base was created with Luscious Lani ($15) from lashline to browbone. Next, she applied Shameless Shana ($15), a warm bronze, in her crease and on the bottom lashline. To add some intensity, Caught in the Act Courtney ($15), a deeper shade of brown, was used on the outer corners of the crease. This shade was also used to define the upper area of the eye by smudging it as close as possible to the lashline. Finally, Mischievous Marissa ($15), a luminous gold, was added the lid and blended. "Using a lighter, luminous shade on the lid helps open up the eyes," she said.
  • To see how to complete this look read more.

  • Eyebrows — To highlight and emphasize the shape of her brows, Time Balm Concealer ($17) was used once again. A light gold mineral shadow was applied as a highlight in the inner corners of her eyes and under the browbone. Vaught used No Money No Honey ($14) to achieve this effect.
  • Cheeks — A stain was applied to the apples of the cheeks as a base in Stainiac in Prom Queen ($14) and Hot Mama Blush ($18) was swiped on top to make the color "pop." For more definition, Sims's cheeks were contoured with Bahama Mama Bronzer ($18) under her cheekbones, on top of her forehead, and along the jawline. "Just think of making a '3' on each side of your face — starting at your forehead, going down to your cheek bones, and finishing on your jaw line," Vaught said.
  • Lips — "Since her eyes were the focal point, we went with a soft, pink, glossy lip," she said. First, Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss in Water My Melon ($14) was applied and then Balm Shelter SPF Lip Gloss in Girl Next Door ($14) was layered over it for extra shine.