More About Konad Nail Art Plates

An Introduction to Konad's Nail Art Plates

Not only is nail polish pretty much the "It" beauty product these days, but nail art is definitely having a moment. A peep at various beauty blogs proves that you don't need to spend a lot of money (or hold an MFA) to get really cool-looking nails, thanks to Konad.

Simply purchase a nail art set, ($21-$430) which includes all you need to begin: a scraper, a stamp, Konad Special Nail Polish(es), and image plate(s). It's those predesigned image plates ($6.50 each), however, that allow you to have all the fun. (Check them out here and here.) To find out more, just keep reading.

With about 90 or so plates from which to choose, you can do everything from giving yourself a French manicure to stamping on intricate latticework patterns. You can even use multiple plates and colors to achieve a truly customized look. And while you can apply a regular polish as your base, the viscosity of Konad brand polishes work best when it comes to stamping on the designs — although regular polishes will still work. In turn, Konad's top coat helps prevent smudging better than a regular old top coat.

Check out the gallery below for inspiration, and be sure to peruse OnSugar blog Beautopia for her amazing Konad designs, including a video tutorial. And if you have a favorite Konad manicure to share, don't be shy. Start a blog of your own and tell us all about it. You could be featured right here on Bella.