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Music Videos With Cool Beauty Moments

What Music Video Is This Beauty Moment From?

Raise your hand if you're glad music videos are back. They were on the decline for a while, but now they're experiencing a glorious rebirth on the Internet. And while classic themes like love and breakups are always going to dominate, plenty of songs ask questions about beauty and body image, too. Can you guess which popular songs these video beauty moments are from? Take the quiz to find out.

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Somebody better sweep up, because Ke$ha and some dirty hipsters have been dancing so hard that there's glitter on the floor. What video is this from?
"Tik Tok"
"Your Love is My Drug"
"Take It Off"
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Shakira's dealing with body beauty issues when she howls that "next to her cheap silicone I look minimal." What's the song?
"Don't Bother"
"She Wolf"
"Objection (Tango)"
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Katy Perry shows off a lot of her "sun-kissed skin" and reminds us that she's "fine, fresh, fierce." Which video is it from?
"California Gurls"
"Hot N Cold"
"I Kissed a Girl"
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Nicki Minaj sings, "When I was a geisha he was a samurai," and makes her point with makeup. What video is it from?
"Your Love"
"Roger That"
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Marina and the Diamonds know you don't have to be a "tall, tan, hot blonde called Anya" to be loved. What video is this from?
"Oh No!"
"I Am Not a Robot"
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