Nail Polishes Scented With Laffy Taffy, Bubble Yum, and Jolly Ranchers

Nail Biter? Bubble Yum-Scented Nail Polish Could Be Your Downfall

In things you probably don't need (but are still kind of cool) news, your nails can now smell either like Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, or Bubble Yum. Gourmand much?

Sure, we've seen perfumed polishes before, with Revlon and Anna Sui both playing around with the notion. Now there's this candy-sweet trio of candy-scented lacquers ($5 each). Judging by the pictures below, these polishes, which include a cotton candy-scented blue, a strawberry-scented pink, and a green apple-scented green, are a lot more opaque than one might expect. Would you wear them?