Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2014 Hair and Makeup | Runway

Minimal Is the Name of the Game at Narciso Rodriguez

Minimal Is the Name of the Game at Narciso Rodriguez

“Is she a green or a pink?” a makeup artist asks Dick Page. The Shiseido pro looks the model in question up and down, pauses, and replies, “I think green!” This process repeats several times as we’re interviewing Page backstage before the Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2014. He is determining which subtle eyeshadow look each model will wear: a pale mint or a ballet slippers pink from Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Static ($33). Skin is clean and lips are done in a rose-brown Viola lip gloss by Shiseido. “Everything is transparent and light,” Page notes.

Hair is equally is minimal. “It’s very polished,” explains Paul Hanlon for Chi.”No hair is out of place, and there’s a little kink in the back — not a flick, just a bend. So when she walks, it has a little swing. It has that kind of '60 or '70s [feel].”

And we could count on Deborah Lippmann to spell it out. “We’re not shocking you — it’s a minimal look all the way through from hair, makeup, and nails,” she says. “[Narciso] wanted nails to look flushed but not pink. He wanted it to look fresh and understated.” To achieve this, she pained two coats of her own P.Y.T. nail polish ($18), topped with her high-gloss Gel Lab Top Coat set ($45).