New Product Alert: The Balm Two-Timer Mascara

Yay, The Balm has just launched a mascara called Two-Timer ($19). I'm so happy to finally share this with you because I've been harboring this dirty little secret since my interview with CEO Marissa Shipman in May. And lucky for me, during a recent visit to The Balm offices, I was given the chance to test it out. Here's the scoop:

What makes this mascara stand apart from the crowd is that it's actually designed to be used within the three-to-six month life-span of a mascara. And although it has two sides to it, what you're actually getting is the same formula in two mini tubes with two different types wands to create two distinct looks. The coolest part of all is that if you prefer one brush over the other, just flip them and you've got a whole new tube!

The left brush (aka Marcus Lashalot) has a twisted spiral shape with a dip in the center to collect extra product and create voluminous and vixen-like lashes. The right brush (aka Johnny Finetune) is made from a flexible brush with thin bristles to define, separate and lengthen lashes. I like to think of it as Johnny by day and Marcus by night — oh, we girls can be so bad!