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New Product Alert: Decléor Rose D'Orient Night Balm

New Product Alert: Decléor Rose D'Orient Night Balm

Decléor Rose d'Orient Night Balm ($65.50) is a fantastic, rich and soothing product best suited for sensitive skin, irritated and rosacea-afflicted skin. It helps cells regenerate faster while strengthening and calming the skin—all without the use of chemical ingredients and/or preservatives.

The balms are made from essential oils and plant waxes, and Decléor prefers them for the wee hours of the night because their molecular structure is similar to the skin’s. This formulation allows skin to breathe like it would naturally and when you awaken, your face feels more supple, less red and it better balanced.

In my opinion, the texture is unbelievable too. It is creamy and it smells faintly of roses (mmm). This small-ish one-ounce jar will last about a year if you are careful—so it's definitely worth the investment if you are on the market for a calming facial night balm.


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