French fashion designer Thierry Mugler hasn't shown a clothing collection since 2000, but the beauty arm of his business is doing very well. After releasing hit fragrances Angel and Alien, he's now launching a collection of luxury cosmetics. I haven't seen it yet in person, but the concept is intriguing.

The line is called The Art of the Metamorphosis, which I find a bit overly dramatic. (Then again, I thought of Kafka when I discovered the name, so who's overly dramatic now?) The product line itself has the usual suspects (foundation, lipstick) but adds a few unexpected items as well. For instance, Cils Vinyle ($49) is a vinyl-look gloss — not a mascara — that is meant to be painted on each lash at a time. Flash Lips ($39) is a lip primer that prepares lips for color application.

The design, of course, is pure Mugler: hard-edged, sleek, and otherworldly. (The website is filled with stars and moons and planets.) For all of its intergalactic branding, the concept feels weirdly retro to me; it seems like an '80s interpretation of what 2008 would feel like, all cold android chic. Are you feeling it or not?