Paint Your Nails With a Click

OPI is always entertaining, from its wild and wacky naming strategies (Cosmo-not Tonight Honey!) to their oddly addictive "Try On This Color" feature. While you don't actually upload a picture of your own hand, OPI provides a blank palette from which you can work.

All you have to do is choose skin tone and nail length (mine are nub-like). Then, you can click (and click, and click. . .) away to try on a selection of more than 200 shades, which are broken down by color and collection. And now that it's wedding season on the Sugar network, I imagine that this interactive feature will probably prove invaluable to all you engaged lasses out there who are looking for a nice polish to show off that sparkly ring. Just don't wear that Cosmo-not Tonight Honey! on your honeymoon.