Talk about bad judgment. Coreana, a Korean cosmetics company, has created controversy by using Nazi imagery to sell skincare products. After seeing the spots, I'm amazed that this horrible concept ever made it past the drawing board. According to the AP:

The ad shows a young woman in a military-style trench coat holding a soldier's cap that appears to have the swastika-gripping eagle Nazi insignia. The version shown in previews contained the slogan: "Even Hitler didn't have the East and West." Korad, the Seoul-based agency that produced the ad, said it believed a Nazi soldier and Hitler symbolized "revolution" in keeping with the lotion's "revolutionary" moisturizing and calming effects. It said the reference to the East and West emphasized the product's dual functions.

Initially, Coreana only removed the reference to Hitler, but the imagery (below) still speaks for itself. Finally, after protests by the Israeli Embassy and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the company has pulled the ad campaign. There haven't been any apologies yet, but I think that would be a good place for Coreana to start.