Perfume Review: Michael Kors Fiji

Can't afford a journey to the tropics this season? That's OK, you can take an olfactory tour with Michael Kors to three jet-setting destinations: Hawaii, Capri, and Fiji. Last March I told you all about Hawaii, and in December I dished about the decadence of eau de Capri. Fiji is the next of the island scents to be released. If it looks and sounds familiar to you that's because it originally launched in April 2006.

It was only available for less than a year, but apparently it did really well, so it's back again. The fragrance is ultra-girly, with its strongest scent being the sweet, powdery, and delicate Fijian tiare flower. Typical of MK perfumes, it is nice, but safe — a little too safe for me. Plus, the bottle looks more Miami than Fiji to me. It is clear and cubed with a strip of neon pink at the bottom. If you are looking down at the bottle it is transparent; if you are holding it up, the glass and the juice look hot pink.

But don't let my opinion sway you. Test out Fiji for yourself and let me know your thoughts. If you really like it, I wouldn't sit on a purchasing decision for too long since Fiji (along with Hawaii and Capri) will be available only through June.

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Island Fiji

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Island MK Hawaii EDP solo shot


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