Pictures of MAC's Arm Tattoos at Rodarte at 2010 Spring Fashion Week

Models Get Inked at Rodarte

When I first saw the photos from Rodarte's runway show, I couldn't help but be immediately drawn to the swirly, geometric arm tattoos worn by the models on the runway. It was a little bit Xena: Warrior Princess and Kat Von D combined. Fab was on the fence about the clothing, inspired by California condors, but as for that well-thought-out tribalesque arm makeup, I was definitely impressed. MAC Senior Artist Chantel Miller, who designed the look, was influenced by the Māori people, an indigenous group in New Zealand. "The idea for the tattoos stemmed from [designers] Kate and Laura’s desire to celebrate makeup as art not only for the face, but also for the body in a similar way that Indian culture uses henna. They want women to look at makeup as an accessory for an outfit the way you would a bracelet or a necklace," said Miller.

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To create the futuristic tribal look, it took Miller and her team of 40 artists four hours to apply the body art, which consisted of half-sleeve, full-sleeve, and neck artwork — each design customized for each model's distinctive look. "Application is key to creating a body-art look like this, so the brushes play an essential part," Miller said. She used MAC's 252 Large Shader Brush ($29) and 242 Shader Brush ($23) with the PRO Micronized Airbrush in Black Black,
PRO Mixing Medium/Alcohol Base, and Liquidlast Liner in Point Black ($16.50). If you'd like to do a little temporary tattooing of your own, but don't have access to the professional products mentioned above, you can always adapt with a highly pigmented eye shadow, like MAC's Paint Pot in Blackground ($16.50) or a temporary formulation specifically made for the skin, like this Black Face and Body Paint ($11).

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