Lauren Conrad Created a Diet Guide Just For Beauty Addicts

Aug 28 2014 - 4:00pm

Source: Getty [1]

It should come as no surprise that many beauty editors are also foodies. Think about it — dessert-scented perfumes, candy-colored nail polish [2], and sugar scrubs [3] are all essential parts of our routine. But when that sweet tooth carries over into real, edible objects, we can sometimes find ourselves a little frustrated. We didn't MEAN to eat six minicupcakes! Luckily, the brilliant Lauren Conrad [4] totally gets us. She created a portion-control chart [5] that uses beauty products and tools to show us proper serving sizes. But we have to admit, a life where we restrict ourselves to an eye shadow's worth of cheese just doesn't seem worth living.

Source: Lauren Conrad [6]; Front Page Image Source: Getty [7]

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