Lauren Conrad's Diet Is a Beauty Girl's Guide to Beating Bloat

Nov 27 2014 - 6:00am

Source: Getty [1]

It should come as no surprise that many beauty editors are also foodies. Think about it — dessert-scented perfumes, pumpkin products aplenty [2], and sugar scrubs [3] are all essential parts of our routine. But when that sweet tooth carries over into real, edible objects, we can sometimes find ourselves a little frustrated, and we seriously have our guard up for Thanksgiving. Luckily, the brilliant Lauren Conrad [4] totally gets us. She created a portion-control chart [5] that uses beauty products and tools to show us proper serving sizes. Now we know just how much turkey we can allot ourselves without going overboard. But we have to admit, a life where we restrict ourselves to an eye shadow's worth of cheese just doesn't seem worth living.

Source: Lauren Conrad [6]; Front Page Image Source: Getty [7]

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