Pretty New Eyeshadow - Chanel Pink Lamé

I have seen this new eyeshadow from Chanel all over the place! It's been in Lucky, Allure, various websites, etc. I have held off mentioning it because, frankly, the name threw me off a little bit. It's called Pink Lamé, the Lamé part reminds of Gold Lamé which reminds of something my grandmother might wear (no offense Grandma). But the more I read about it and the more pictures I see, I have been won over.

This highly original creation from Chanel is new for Fall. When swirled together, the gold, silver, and rose hues transform into a brightening shade of taupe. It's fairly pricey for eyeshadow ($40.00), but I guess you can think of it as actually getting 3 colors in one! Available here


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