Product Review: HerCut, Made Just For Your Haircut

In an attempt to offer a new twist in the haircare market, HerCut, a line of products tailored to the form and shape of your actual haircut, launches online today. Earlier, most of you said you'd at least give it a try, but as expected, there were some rumblings about whether or not these products could actually work, as they eschew something rather important when it comes to your hairstyle — its texture.

HerCut offers five styling "Catalysts" ($22 each) that pump out a cream on one side and a gel on the other, to complement the foundation of the haircut (think multichambered toothpaste dispensers). Those haircut foundations are the Bob, the Blunt, the Shag, Long Layers, and the Pixie. The product lineup also includes three different types of paraben- and sulfate-free shampoos ($19 each) and conditioners ($19).

To see more images and find out what I thought about the products, just keep reading.

Since my hair can be styled as either a shag or a bob, I tried both formulations, with decent results. Both are lightweight, and not overly scented, with the Bob giving bouncier results and a smoother finish. The Shag, however is my personal preference, as it gave my short-layered cut some definition, movement, and a bit of hold. As for the shampoo and conditioner, I can't say I was all that impressed. They're nothing terrible, but didn't have that wow factor, either. Plus, they are overly sweet-smelling, which is quite the deal breaker for me. All-in-all, while I liked the Catalyst items, you can get the same — if not better — results by creating a cocktail with what you already have. Bottoms up!