Product Review: Michael Kors Classic Leg Shine

Product Review: Michael Kors Classic Leg Shine

From first glance, what appears to look like a stick of designer deodorant, is actually a body bronzer. Underneath the rubbery beige cap of Michael Kors Leg Shine — Classic ($32) lies a smooth (almost oily), deep-amber bronzer that contains flecks of gold. Not only will it create a glowing tan on your legs, knees, arms, and chest, but it also has another function: Leg shine contains a captivating floral smell (Michael Kors Eau de Toilette) that takes the place of having to wear actual perfume.

At first I was scared that it would streak and rub off on my clothes, on my chair, and anything else that my stems came in contact with, but actually it proved to stay put once it dried. Also, it washes off with soapy water and a little bit of elbow grease in the shower.

Easy to apply and easy to remove are pretty rare qualities when it comes to self-tanners, and it's why I like this product so much. The only suggestion I would make is to apply it about a half hour before you go out to give the color and oily texture ample time to set.

This travel-friendly (thanks to the secure cap), scented bronzer is a fun way to achieve a temporary sun-kissed radiance with a sultry scent for special occasions. It's available in: classic, shimmer, and bronze to suit most skin tones.

For a peek at what's under the cap, read more.

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