Truth be told, I haven't been into hairspray since the days when Firehouse and other lousy rock bands promoted the big-hair look. Truthfully, I wasn't into the music, but I wanted to fit in with the popular girls. So every morning, I'd break out Mom's curling iron, twist my bangs into a crisp claw of curls, and look like a fool despite my best efforts.

I've been scared of hair spray ever since. Recently, though, I tried Bumble and bumble's new Spray de Mode ($15–$25). The hairspray was developed over the course of multiple Fashion Weeks, with stylists offering feedback and B&b tweaking the formula. Spray de Mode promises to offer excellent hold without feeling stiff or tacky, and it does just that. What's notable is that it allows you to rework your hair multiple times, but it still holds the shape of the hair. I've been able to brush it, blow-dry it, curl it, scrunch it — you name it — and each time, it retains its shape without feeling stiff or heavy. I dare say it's good enough to erase those scary junior-high memories.

B&b has set up an extensive promo site for this spray, and while it is essentially a giant commercial, it's also an interesting one. I loved watching the videos to see how regular people were transformed into the cool coiffed models you can see in this gallery.