There's plenty of adorable beauty here stateside, but the Japanese market continues to roll out charming, quirky products that are as useful as they are funny. Can you guess what these Japanese beauty innovations do? Take my quiz and see how Honshu-happy you are.

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What does this pacifier-like mouth insert actually do?
Freshens your breath
Trains your voice to sound sweeter
Makes your lips poutier
Keeps you young . . . forever!
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Naive, by Kracie, may have some pretty funny names, and its little portable pouch is an interesting innovation, but what is it?
Bath salts
Unicorn tears
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These sheets clearly go on your fingers, but what are they?
Callus dissolvers
Cuticle moisturizers
Hangnail protectors
Kinoki finger pads
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Simpro makes application easy with these easy little brush-tubes, but what, exactly, are they applying?
Styling cream
Hair color
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What are these little pink pads?
Portable hair rollers
Bangs holders
They cool your head on hot days
Perfume patch for your hair
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