Rachel Zoe's Braids and Ponytail Hairstyle

How to Create Rachel Zoe's Double-Braided Ponytail

Rachel Zoe's Braids and Ponytail Hairstyle

From faux-fur vests to leopard-print anything, Rachel Zoe always seems to find a way to make just about any piece of clothing or accessory look covetable. And when it comes to her hair, it's the same story. At her Zoe Media Group launch party last night, Rachel combined two trends — braids and ponytails — into one style.

To re-create the look yourself, start by applying a wave-enhancing product, such as Jonathan Product Curl Crème ($26), onto damp hair. Finger-dry with a blow dryer, and touch up with a curling iron as needed. Next, deep-part the hair to one side.

French-braid starting on the smaller side of the part, following the curve of the head. Once you reach the opposite side at the nape, secure with an elastic. Now French-braid starting at the heavy side of the part, stopping where the first braid ends. Join the two braids together with a large elastic, and wrap a section of hair around the base to finish. Bananas.


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