Review of MindWave App

iPhone App of the Week: MindWave

For this week's iPhone App of the Week, it's not about makeovers or try-on polish swatches. This week, it's about sweet dreams. However, it wasn't actually beauty that inspired me to purchase the MindWave App ($2) about a year ago. Instead, I was searching for something "natural" to help provide headache relief. While I didn't find that my migraines magically disappeared (more like slightly subsided) with the Headache Treatment feature, it wasn't until later that I started making use of this app's Sleep Induction feature. But can a series of eerie tones and science fiction-esque noises help a Bella get her much-needed beauty sleep? Find out when you read more.

In short, yes. MindWave, which uses binaural tones played into your ears, creates certain states of mind in the brainwaves, whether soothing, stimulating, or behavior-changing. It all sounds very futuristic, no? While there are nearly 20 beats available, like Deep Meditation, PMS Relief, Weightloss/Smoking, and Creativity Boost, Sleep Induction is by far my favorite. You can set the app's timer to regulate how long you'd like to listen to the wavering tones, but I don't think I've ever actually made it to the end without completely nodding off. (Word to the wise? A pair of cushiony headsets feel much better on the ears than earbuds jammed in the ears all night.) For its ability to relax the mind and lull me into getting shuteye quickly, MindWave gets two thumbs up. It gives beauty sleep a whole new meaning.