Sally Draper's Eyebrows Mad Men

See the Evolution of Sally Draper's Enviable Eyebrows

See the Evolution of Sally Draper's Enviable Eyebrows

While watching season seven of Mad Men, we couldn't help but notice: Sally Draper (aka, Kiernan Shipka) has the best bold eyebrows. We're not sure exactly when Sally's enviable arches sprouted, so we rounded up images of the young Draper through the seasons. In the first few seasons, she sported dirty-blond brows (and adorable, want-to-pinch-them cheeks), but as Sally grew into her looks, so did her eye frames. Currently, her strong, milk-chocolate arches pop against her honey mane and make her big brown (often pouty) eyes stand out. Plus, in real life, Kiernan changes them up for the red carpet by toying with the brushed-up brow trend. Relive her top beauty moments through the seasons, and check out how those arches keep growing and growing and growing. . . . Watch out Cara Delevingne, we see some eyebrow competition coming!

Front Page Source: AMC and Getty; Cover Source: AMC


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