Satellite 3 Makeup

Bella Brand: Satellite 3

I've gotta admit. When it comes to Sci-Fi, I deserve a "nerd alert" shout out. I've even gone as far as almost naming my cat Dr. Sam Beckett. Any fellow Quantum Leap fans out there?

So, naturally I was intrigued by Satellite 3, a quirky makeup company with an environmental mission, space-age look, and color palettes based on the planets, stars, and comets. It's all a little kitschy, and a whole lot of geek chic.

Founded by longtime British makeup artist (and owner of the London School of Fashion and Photographic Make-up) Glauca Rossi about four years ago, this futuristic line includes cheeky shades such as Absolutely Nebulous, Alien Seduction, and Fly Me to the Moon.

While the company doesn't have retail outlets in the US, their small selection of products are available via the web: Rockets ($29.85), a lipstick held in a spacecraft device; Rocket Fuel ($11.18), a selection of lipstick refills; Saucers ($46.66), a compact duo for blush and eye shadow; and Saucer Fuel ($14), for what else? To replenish your Saucer. Beam me up!